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Balearic Island Ibiza Tourist Attractions


balearic_islands_spain_archipelago_cliffs_crystalline_1366x768_63170Spain’s Balearic Islands are one of the main attractions in the Mediterranean. One of Balearics most popular islands is Ibiza due to the amazing night life it provides for its visitors. There are many night clubs located throughout the island which could explain for the high amount of young adults that visit each year. The climate this Balearic island has is very comfortable with summer temperatures averaging around 80 Fahrenheit and for the winter right around 60 Fahrenheit. Mostly sunshine is in the forecast with more than 300 of the years days receiving sunshine and clear blue skies. Ibiza is a fairly populated island with right under 90,000 citizens and over two million visitors yearly.

1413448632The most visited part of the year is during the summer months of June till October. The night life provided is one of the best attractions due to the large amount of tourists that are arriving at the peak time. Some of the cafes, pubs, discos, restaurants, and bars are only open at certain times of the year. Many world class DJ’s perform at the one hundred plus clubs in the main town San Antonio which is why many tourists return each year, due to their amazing nightlife experiences on the island of Ibiza. So if one is planning on having the best time, it would be smart to pick a date between the main tourism months to visit and take advantage of all the nightlife attractions.

ibiza_01If you are planning a visit to Ibiza, it would be a smart choice not to go during the month of August if you want a quieter holiday. As this is when most visitors come to the island for clubbing, which tends to raise the prices on many items including food, hotels, and transportation. This could also turn a vacation into a nightmare as the main town San Antonio becomes crowded and the clubs and bars become extremely busy. So families are advised to visit Ibiza outside the main clubbing period if they require a slightly more peaceful stay. However the island does have nearly eight hundred restaurants so finding a vacant one should not be a problem even during peak periods.

more-money-for-ibiza-s-public-transport-ibiza-islandWhen it comes to transportation in Ibiza, you have many methods to choose from. The main towns provide many buses and taxis to its visitors so you should have no trouble getting around to the many attractions and various night spots. If you wish to drive yourself you are able to rent a vehicle in the main towns or arrange for a rental car at the airport when you land. Just a note, if planning on renting it would be smart to book beforehand especially if visiting during August to make sure they will have a vehicle available.

There is a large nightlife scene and that is what Ibiza is well known for but there are also many activities for people of all ages. Another main attraction is Ibiza’s beautiful beaches which are great for relaxing, sun tanning, swimming, and even surfing. If your preference is something more active, golf courses, go-cart tracks, hiking trails, and biking courses are provided throughout the tourist season.

One of Ibiza’s more well known clubs is Amnesia, this club opens early during the season around June and continues until the end of the tourist season. Amnesia is located on the way to Ibiza old town if you are travelling from San Antonio. This popular club is one of the clubs that helped make Ibiza famous and plays host to major club events such as Cream. Another well known destination for the islands clubbers is Space on Sunday. This event doesn’t begin until early Sunday morning after most other clubs have closed, but continues all the way through Sunday. This Sunday event is world famous and extremely popular due to the top class DJ’s that play at Space on Sundays.

As a warm up session before hitting the clubs of Ibiza thousands of clubbers visit the sunset strip in San Antonio during the early evening. Just a short walk from the famous Bar Street in San Antonio’s west end the sunset strip provides the best view of the sun setting over the island of Ibiza. The sunset strip offers many cafes and bars serving food and drinks throughout the summer evenings, such as Cafe Mambo and Cafe Del Mar. Street entertainers also perform along the sunset strip, details at will help to highlight the relaxed atmosphere of the sunset strip.

Overall, this is a great Balearic island to visit especially during the summer months. There is a variety of attractions available to fit everyone’s needs, as well as the famous clubbing nightlife of Ibiza.

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