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Celebrate Holidays – The Greek Way


Rich History

1024px-The_Parthenon_in_AthensA land that offers more than contributions to archeology and architecture. A land that undoubtedly withstood the pressure of the wars that came its way.
A land that is worth calling the cradle of civilization. A land where the great gods and
goddesses reside. A land called Greece.

It is situated in the southeastern most point of Europe in the Mediterranean Sea. The Aegean Sea and the Ionian Sea borders the country.

The country despite being small in size is big in history and culture. From the Neolithic period, Greece has encountered rich civilization which had a great impact on its culture and development.

A single trip to Greece is not sufficient enough to explore the entire country. Here are a few
descriptions on the must try places to visit in Greece. Don’t miss one!




This is the capital of Greece where most of our values, principles, and civilization are based. Athens offers spectacular historical sites that are testimonies to the greatness, cultural supremacy, and antiquity of Ancient Greece.

Important places to visit are the Athens Acropolis Hill, the Erechtheion, the Parthenon, the Herod Atticus Odeon, the Plaka Quarters, and the Monastiraki Bazaar. Lie and swim on its sandy and crystal-clear beaches. Enjoy the Athens crowd.


agios-nikoalaoMany consider Crete Island as a one of a kind vacation destination. This island offers stunning coasts and archeological and historical sites.

Things to do in Greece include exploring its ancient sites, swimming in its crystal-clear beaches, have fun at the nightlife venues, and participate in the wide array of outdoor sports. Versatility in Crete makes your vacation more personalized.


cyclades-santorini-calderaCyclades is famous for its traditional whitewashed cubic houses that contrast with the deep blue Aegean Sea and glimmer under the sun as well as its endless beaches. Many consider Cyclades as the ultimate holiday destination.

Cyclades is also famous for its unique and distinctive features: Mykonos the nightlife capital of the Cyclades, Santorini and its mysterious volcano, Amorgos with its wild natural beauty, Naxos the multifaceted holiday island, and Paros and its picturesque seaside villages.

That’s not all there is. Try and visit Ios the classic Cyclades Island of fun, the island of serenity and leisure, Tinos with its spiritual aura, Syros the aristocratic Greek Island, and Kea the nature lovers’ paradise.

Dodecanese Islands

GalleryImage_1795_3583The islands have splendid multi-cultural features and a sophisticated aura. No doubt many consider the Dodecanese as the most-impressive of the islands. The islands are proud of the areas of its natural beauty, exquisite ancient sites and beautiful beaches with sparkling waters, and a number of wonderful Byzantine and Venetian monuments.

Pleasant weather is present all year round, making Dodecanese Islands as having one of the best climates in Greece.

Popular islands included in its cluster are: Monastery of Saint John the Theologian, Patmos with the Cave of the Apocalypse, and the most popular being the cosmopolitan Rhodes (Rodos) with its majestic medieval town.

Ionian Islands

melissani-lake-ionian-islands-greece--19739The Ionian Islands feature stunning beaches that have been voted as best beaches in the world. This includes Porto Katsiki Beach in Lefkada, Myrtos Beach in Kefalonia, Agios Georgios and the coves of Paleokastritsa in Corfu, and Navagio Beach in Zakynthos.

The islands are quite famous for their cosmopolitan lifestyle, wild natural beauty, artistic character, and interesting monument. These islands are also the homelands of many authors, poets, and musicians.

Much has been said about Greece and its beautiful Greek Islands, but it would not compare to the actual experience of being in Greece.

Think about it, maybe a vacation in Greece all you need!

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