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Mykonos-Greece-585794Greece is located at the southern region of Europe between Albania and Turkey. It borders the Ionian Sea, Aegean Sea, and the Mediterranean Sea. It is a peninsular country that possesses an archipelago of about 2,000 islands.

It boasts of hundreds of captivating islands, paradisiacal landscapes, astounding sandy beaches, crystal waters, and most especially a passionate history. Because of this, it has been regarded 15th place in the world’s most visited tourist destinations. It is no surprise that Greece has much to offer to its guests.

Not Only a Look Back In Time Reputed to be the traditional “cradle of civilization”, its museums feature a great number of Greek artifacts and art that continue to be one of the main reasons tourists come to visit. Sometimes, this country is regarded of a deep thought country dipped in philosophy because of its historical background and the many wars that came its way. However, Greece has proven not only rich in culture and history but in natural wonders as well.
Together with its world class beaches, food, and nightlife, Greece creates an atmosphere of fun, relaxation, and an inspiring destination all in one package.

Despite the influences of modern times, Greece has not only maintained its cultural traditions and heritage but added the lure of its beautiful beaches under the hot sun, scrumptious Greek food, parties, and other vacation packages in the list.

Places to Be

athens-acropolisGreece is filled with cities that depict both traditional and modern culture. Its capital, Athens, is well visited for its top tourist attractions such as the Parthenon and the Acropolis. Nightlife is vibrant in the city of Athens. Parties and merriment
can last till dawn! Major landmarks, clubs, taverns, and hotels are within easy-to-access distance.

Greece is not only a haven for summer escapades.

Activities such as skiing and trekking the mountainous terrains are fit for adventure hungry individuals. The temptation of pristine, crystal clear beaches invites water buffs from other places. Snorkeling, scuba diving, and windsurfing amongst the islands and along
the coast are just among of the few water sports to choose from.

Kasteloriso_bay_Dodecanes_Greece_600For a more different version of Greece, a quick visit to the nearby Saronic Gulf Islands treats visitors to a wild, breathtaking waterfront and a sundry series of pine scented islands.

The Dodecanese Islands is situated a little further towards the east. It portrays crystal clear beaches and whitewashed houses that seem to be found only on postcards.

Corfu is the most famous among the lush “Seven Islands”. These islands are part of the Ionian Islands that pride itself on picture perfect vineyards, olive groves, and remarkable mountainside monasteries.

Why Greece?

Traveling has never been this fun. Complete amenities and activities are all yours for the taking. Experience Greece personally and appreciate its majesty up close. Books, pictures, and postcards do not equate to the breathtaking feel of Greece.

Whether you fancy trekking a beaten trail, or go sight seeing picturesque landscapes, doing and planning the vacation activities can be a fun and rewarding challenge. That way, you can see what you want to see at your own pace, experience adventure but still find
time for relaxing, all with a do-it-yourself tour within Greece. Rent a car, indulge into home exchange services, or pamper yourself to numerous summer and vacation packages available for tourists to choose from.

Eager for a praiseworthy vacation? Go Greece!

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