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Getting Around on your Vacation to Jamaica

shuttle-service-peter-pan-busShuttle buses are the best way of getting around. If you’re undecided between two or more hotels with similar features and prices, choose the one with the largest shuttle service! Public transportation in the form of buses is cheap and cheerful – but it may be too crowded and the driving a bit erratic for most tourists.

ColemanKJamminJamaicaTours_SangsterInternational_1Your hotel should provide either an airport shuttle, or a shuttle to a scheduled airport shuttle drop off point. Once you get to your hotel, you will then need to find out how other tourists get to see the wonders that Jamaica has to offer. Hotels may, for instance, offer a scheduled bus service for certain tourist attractions. Some attractions/restaurants even offer a shuttle to collect you from your hotel (make sure they bring you back also!). For some other areas, you may need to hire a cycle for a day. For others, you might prefer to hire car, or take a taxi – communal or private. Whether it’s a cycle or a car, it has to go on the road and so you need to be very aware of the other drivers who are using the road! You also need to be aware that looking at a map that shows an “A” road, doesn’t mean that it will be up to the standard of “A” roads back home – it does however mean that it will have less potholes than a “B” road.

Hertz Default LocationIf you hire a car, make sure that you point out any defects, scratches, possible dents before you leave the car hire company – otherwise you will find that you’re the one charged with the repair bill. Also check that all the interior fixings such as the cigarette lighter are there otherwise again, you will be charged for their replacement! Despite this, car hire in high season is popular so if you are going during the busy tourist season, you should consider hiring your car in advance by booking online – some international companies such as Avis, Hertz and Budget operate in various parts of Jamaica so contacting their local office or website should help you making your booking in Jamaica ready for your summer vacation.

If you’re feeling adventurous, there are other ways of getting around in Jamaica, such as sailing, or even on a jet ski! There are two things you need to remember about getting around on this beautiful island – one is that there are any number of ways of getting around, not all of them safe, and the second is that travel in Jamaica can be as much of an adventure as you want it to be!

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