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Global Resorts Network – Traveling With Families Made Affordable


Family-traveling-in-airplaneMy husband and I joined Global Resorts Network because we were looking for way to take a nice vacation once a year with our three kids but could not afford to pay the high prices of 2 hotel rooms or 2 BD condos. We struggled trying to justify such an expense plus airfare and we wanted a solution other than last-minute deals and airfare bookings.

Research showed that the money we would be spending on regular holiday would be $5000 and up. So with that said, most people can’t afford to take the kind of vacation they’d really like to take. You might max-out your credit cards—once or twice—and spend thousands of dollars on a “No-Expense-Spared” vacation. Then come home and spend the next 2 years trying to pay it off, so you can do it again. If you spent your entire vacation worrying about how long it is going to take to pay it off, you would never go on vacation again. Even if you did, it wouldn’t be to 4 and 5 star resorts.

091-2-400x300But that is where Global Resorts Network comes in. GRN gives the normal, everyday family the ability to travel to 4 and 5 star resorts for pennies on the dollar. They have over 5000 resorts worldwide in over 50 countries. 1 week stays range from $299 to $699. These prices are for as many people your unit will hold, not per person.

The average savings are around $1000 and I have seen savings as high as $2400 for one vacation. There are no monthly costs or annual dues, just one low up front cost. The platinum membership provides you with 52 weeks of use, that’s right you can travel every week of the year. There are no blackout dates so you can travel whenever you like. Timeshares don’t compare. You will also receive 3 travel vouchers for your friends and family, so they can enjoy the resorts and view the savings for themselves.

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