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Greece – A Home Away From Home


A Top Rated Tourist Destination

greece-wallpaper-wallpaper-1Europe has long boasted Greek Islands and Greece Mainland as one its most desired holiday destinations. With over 15 million tourists coming to visit each year, it is not a wonder that it is the 15th placer in the world of tourist destinations after countries such
as China, Spain, Great Britain and United States.

Majority of the tourists that visit Greece come from Europe and the US. However, it was not until 1994 that tourism flow in Greece became determinant. More than 10 million people consider visiting Greece and the Greek Islands a worthy place to spend their vacations.

History at Its Best

wideGreece is famous for its picturesque beaches and historical background. This is demonstrated by hundreds of historical and archeological sites found in Greece that depicts the country’s glorious past.

Greece’s Place on the Map

path-to-the-top-of-olympus-mountainGreece is a mountainous and peninsular country that is unique in both charm and beauty. It occupies a total area of 130.800 square km and the large number of islands represent one fifth of the area. The Aegean and Ionian Sea surrounds Greece. There are 169
inhabited islands out of the 1,400 islets that Greece possesses. The islands are mainly scattered between Greece and Turkey in the Aegean Sea.

Strewn Pieces of Wonder

These islands are nature’s gift to Greece and are the most popular destinations that tourists tend to visit especially in summer. Ideal for memorable destinations because they offer everything you need! From the conventional relaxing vacations to the adrenaline rush
an adventurous person needs, they’ve got it all!

Cities to Visit

Santorini, with the most romantic sunset; Mykonos, with its cosmopolitan character; in the world; Crete, with its revolutionary spirit; Rhodes, the island of the medieval castles, the sun and the butterflies; Ios, with the wild nightlife; Ithaca, the homeland of
Ulysses; Corfu, with its Venetian style; Skiathos, with its long and sandy beaches; Samos, the greenest of all Greek islands; all these are just a few of the most coveted places Greece has to offer!

Not Only a Summer-land

spa-welness-mitsis-hotels-greece-03Majority of the tourists spend their summer vacation in Greece from May to September. Now who could resists warm beaches, sunny weather, and variable landscapes, not to mention world class Greek hospitality?

What if it’s not summer? Winter tourist resorts, ecotourism, therapeutic spas, working and discover holidays can be availed as well! Indeed there are no limitations despite the variations in Greece’s climate

Beautiful beaches, variable landscapes, picturesque stone-built villages, passionate traditions and culture, and a heavy archeological, historical and mythological heritage: Truly, Greece is a country of unique beauty that has much to offer and more!

Want to find something to commemorate your stay in Greece? No problem! Numerous gift shops are available in every area you visit.

A Fantasy Realized

Picture yourself on a deserted island watching the sunset. Greece offers both amusement and intimacy. Experience Athens at its best, unwind on the beaches of Mykonos, cruise the Aegean Sea, journey through Santorini, Crete and Rhodes, and discover the allure
of the Greek Isles. With tons of vacation packages to choose from or even the pleasure of discovering the country by scratch, the possibilities of enjoying Greece are endless!

Hesitate no more! Greece and the Greek Islands are truly an astonishing beauty. More than hundreds of pictures describe the beauty of Greece, however pictures are not enough. You should try it out for yourself. Experience the satisfaction the beauty of
Greece provides. Give yourself a break; take a vacation… in Greece!

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