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Jamaican Beauty at the Green Grotto Caves

green_grotto_cavesOne of the locations used in the James Bond movie, Live and Let Die, the Green Grotto Caves located just outside of Discovery Bay are of interest not only to Bond fans, but also to people who are interested in the history of Jamaica, and also those who have a passion for natural beauty. Be warned however, to see this attraction you will have to walk downwards on centuries old steps, so anyone with mobility issues should discuss their situation with the guide before starting down to the cave.

Aruba-d2_118As you descend the steps down into the caves to marvel at the stalactites that hang somewhat precariously from the roof of the cave, take a look at the artwork. This was created by the pre-Columbia Arawaks. Over the centuries the caves have become a refuge for many different types of people, from the Spanish who used it as a place to hide from the British in the 17th Century to the slaves who managed to escape their owners in the 18th. More recently smugglers taking guns into Cuba have used the caves as a hideaway!

Green-Grotto-Caves_The main highlight in the limestone Green Grotto Caves however is the huge lake that’s some 36m below the surface. Once you get down the steps to this level, you’ll be able to get a closer look at the natural beauty of the cave by boat. Be sure to look up at the ceiling pockets, and to marvel at nature as you see both stalactites and stalagmites.

Although the tour of the caves only takes about an hour, it’s an hour well spent because of the amount of interests it spans, the stories that your guide will be able to tell you about its past, and the sheer beauty that is unlike anything else you’ll encounter on the island. It’s not a time-consuming attraction but it’s one you won’t forget.

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