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Maremma Tuscany Vacation


header_headerMaremma is considered amongst the wonderful getaways to the world that is flooded with the emotions of romance and fun. The region has a blend of different features that can never be found in a single place. The region has glimpses of ancient civilization, wonderful natural landscape, culinary masterpieces and vineyards.

Maremma has a population that comprises of a closely knitted group of individuals that gives the tourists the environment, which they might feel at home only. If you are going for a Maremma Tuscany Holiday, you should not miss visiting the towns of Saturnia, Pitigliano, Argentario and Capalbio.


Pitigliano city on the cliff, Italy

Pitigliano city on the cliff, Italy

Pitigliano can be characterized through volcanic magma and tuff stone along with crystal-clear water and exceptional beaches. If you have a curiosity to know the history of Pitigliano, there are numerous attractions and history depicting it. Orsini Castle, a magnificent structure, is situated near the entrance of the town. Around the town edge, you can find a medieval gate that is known as the Porta di Sovana. When you pass through the gate, you will find the Etruscan City Wall remains. You can also find ancient path across the Pitigliano regions along with walls that are over 10 meters in height. Etruscans dug these paths in the rock.


porto_santo_stefanoCapalbio is a village that is recognized for being a part of most Italian (gossip) newspapers for it has been often visited by numerous famous people from around the globe. Although Capalbio is now an excellent tourist destination, it has not lost the beauty and charm of the ancient period. Capalbio has numerous historical sites that you can visit. It has a magnificent walled village that hails from medieval era. The path around the village is magnificent for taking bike rides. Landscapes around the region are beautifully dotted by flower fields and olive groves.


saturnia-italy-italy_lSaturnia is mostly recognized for Terme di Saturnia. It is a spa boasting the healing effect of sulfur spring waters. It has been set up in the walls around the town and provides you with a relaxing experience. The view of the surrounding areas from the spring is breathtaking. The town also gives you scope to have fun and dance along with Italian cuisines, the taste of which you can never forget. Saturnia is also one of those places in Maremma having nice people in the locality. Henceforth, it is a fantastic place for visitors to enjoy the ancient culture and the natural springs making their vacation a memorable one.


41Etruscans were the first ones to inhabit Argentario. The town initially belonged to the family of Domitii Aenobarbi. The family then permitted the Etruscans for inhabiting their property. It was done to give the tribe some place for living. Amongst the popular activities in the town of Argentario, sailing and fishing in the harbor is the most loved one. Locals and tourists do the fishing for both fun and money.

Maremma Tuscany Holiday is the one where you can both learn and have fun simultaneously. If you decide for a trip to Maremma, you will have so many memorable times that you will be able to cherish for a lifetime.

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