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Pine Cay Turks And Caicos

Pine Cay in the Turks and Caicos Islands is a private island retreat, and is a short flight of about ten minutes from the Providenciales International airport, and this in turn has direct flights from over 15 cities around the world. The Turks and Caicos Islands are a British Crown Colony south east of the Bahamas and half way between Florida and the British Virgin Islands

Pine Cay has eight absolutely incredible talcum powder beaches, and it is the home to what can best be described as a Caribbean planned community, which offers a family retreat and a private club on a private island, which is about as safe an environment as you will find anywhere. It is only one mile wide and about two miles long and it doesn’t have cars, telephones or TV’s!!

Pine Cay is about as exclusive as you can get. The island’s owners are determined to keep it that way, and so you will find nature on Pine Cay at its undisturbed finest. The miles of barrier reefs surrounding Pine Cay are undamaged, there is a lot of marine life to the extent you could say the water was teeming with colourful fish. The pollution levels are so low as to be almost non existent.

Pine Cay is a place to escape to, and to lose yourself in, where the pressures of the 21st Century vanish almost as soon as you arrive, because there really isn’t a whole lot to do except relax.

On Pine Cay there are nearly 30 cottages well positioned along the beaches. Most people will have read of the Meridian Club which is a twelve roomed very exclusive but internationally acclaimed hideaway. What many don’t realise is that some of the island’s cottages are available to rent, and that rental brings with it the same privileges as the guests at the Meridian Club. The cottages are all different, you will get twice weekly housekeeping, a fully equipped kitchen and a store where you can buy supplies.

Please note that children under the age of twelve are not accepted in the Meridian.

The weather on Pine Cay is kept in the 80’s during the winter by the Easterly trade winds, and just around 90 degrees in the summer.

In terms of activities, then whether it is a cottage rental or The meridian, you can choose between swimming in the warm turquoise sea, snorkeling believed to be some of the best anywhere. There is also sea shell hunting on the beach, fishing, scuba diving, sailing, windsurfing, biking, walking, and especially bird watching because Pine Cay is home to some wonderful birds. That is not to forget a game or two of tennis if you can raise the energy levels!!

There is a local phenomenon each lunar month, five nights after the full moon, and just under an hour after sunset, there is an offshore display of underwater luminescence. This is a sight not to be missed, and comes about due to the mating of a worm like sea creature.

All in all whilst the Turks and Caicos Islands are memorable, Pine Cay is a truly remarkable hideaway.

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