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Providenciales Island Part Of The Turks And Caicos Islands In The Caribbean


turkscaicos-3aProvidenciales Island is known to all as Provo, and is less than ninety minutes flying time from Miami, and is part of the Turks and Caicos Islands, being only a short hop from the International Airport, although it has its own direct flights from the USA.. It has an almost perfect temperature for a holiday destination being around 83 degrees Fahrenheit on average with about 35 inches of rain per annum. The hottest months are September and October, but the constant easterly trade winds offset the heat at this time of year which can rise to 95F and keep things reasonably cool.

The Turks and Caicos islands are located in Eastern Standard Time, and are around nine hours flying time from London, and are a totally different world from many other Caribbean Islands.



It is worth hiring a car if you are going to Providenciales, and also make sure you get an up to date map. You can pick a map up at the Tourist Information Stand just to the left of the baggage arrivals. A car, even a small one will enable you to get to many of the beaches and restaurants on the island, and be in control of when you want to go, and when you want to leave.
Be aware that car rental isn’t cheap but will be worth every dollar.

It is also sensible to bring with you some snorkelling equipment because the undersea sights at Providenciales are just superb, and it would be less than sensible not to take the time to swim amongst the marine life.

You will easily find on the map two good places which are Coral Gardens and Smith’s Reef.
The Coral Gardens can be easily found on the map, just off Lower Bight Road on Penn’s Road.
Park in front of the resort and walk down. The reef is protected and cordoned off with buoys, but go round the buoys and you will see a huge number of fish, and perhaps even a reef shark, but certainly parrot fish, and very often sea turtles to swim with.

ff709e930b106aaf0f2c37d09ab1a8cfThe water is deeper at Smith’s Reef and it is quite a lot harder to get to. Drive towards Turtle Cove and follw the road the Yacht Club Resort and Sharkbite Restaurant[Well worth a visit]. Go left at the T junction and after parking, walk away from the marina until you see the rock cairn. Swim out to the second and larger reef, and watch out for boats, which perhaps spoils Smith’s Reef..

The real beauty of your own car of course is the independence it gives you, and you should visit the beautiful beach at Sapadillo Bay off Chalk Sound Road. It is worth driving right down the road just to see the huge houses, as well as the stunning views.

Take the car to the southwest point of Providenciales Island.. Here you will find a very isolated and empty but beautiful beach. It takes a little finding, just head towards the Blue Hills, and stay on the main road going past Da Conch Shack, then pass a school on the right until you reach a major road to the left. By this time you will be praising the new map you bought at the airport!! Stay on that new road until the end, and there you will see three tracks. With a decent car you can take the left hand one, and this leads to the beach. If you walk along the beach around the corner until you get to a cave to explore and you will pass a rock absolutely covered with pelicans.

There are a lot more things to see and do on Providenciales Island, superb hotels especially on Grace Bay, and there are many who feel that this part of the Turks and Caicos is as good as the Caribbean gets.

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