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Shows In Pattaya: Main Attraction For The Tourists

pattaya_7Are you planning to visit Pattaya in near future? Do you have the details of the city? What are its main attraction and how you can get the most from your holidays at Pattaya? If you do not have all this knowledge then you might miss out something important at Pattaya. The city has an abundance of activities and tourist attractions and shows in Pattaya are one of them.

The city has a number of things that attract the tourists to repeat their visits. These include sports activities, nightclubs, cabaret dances, different food cuisines, multiple choices for accommodation, and the sandy beaches. Along with these activities, there are also a number of different shows going on the city and these shows have become one on the main attractions of Pattaya which are looked for by the tourists.

One of the famous shows is the elephant show. The city proudly possesses a million year Old Park and here they organize elephant show everyday. Also, the crocodile farm of the city organizes crocodile roundup daily. This park is not far away from the center of the city, so do not miss these shows if you visit the city.

Another show that is famous in this city is the light and sound show in one of the museum. The museum that holds this show is situated in the Royal Garden Plaza building. This show is a sort of walk-through, which tests the perception limit of the tourists. It is an interesting show and you are sure to enjoy it, so do not miss it!

pattaya-crocodile-farmThere is another animal show, which is amongst the favorite here. This also includes elephants and crocodiles. The show is organized in the Sriracha Tiger zoo and it is one of the outlandish shows in Pattaya. Even this is not far enough from the city center, and it takes thirty minutes to reach the location. In this show you can see elephants playing with basketballs and women wrestling with crocodiles. Doesn’t that sound interesting? So, do not dare to miss these shows.

Besides these shows, you can also see Thai dances as well as Muay Thai at the Noong Noonc Tropical Garden. This garden exhibits a vast variety of Thai history and culture. And the Muay Thai is a boxing game, which has become very popular in the recent years. The culture centers of the city hold exhibition son daily basis with an emphasis on the Thai culture.

Therefore, I can be concluded that Pattaya is not just the best beach resort in the world but it also offers some of the best shows as well. The shows in Pattaya are of different kinds and can be enjoyed by everyone at affordable prices. All you have to do is to have a proper knowledge of these shows and be at the right place at the right time!

Now, the question arises how you can get hold of the details of all these shows? Well, either you can use a travel guide or use the Internet. Find out the details and watch these shows during your stay in Pattaya! The YouTube ID of Insert video URL or ID here is invalid.

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