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Visiting Ahmedabad India

Diwali in Ahmedabad, IndiaAhmedabad is the largest city and former capital of Gujarat. It is made up of a remarkable mix of the splendid past and an exciting present. Named after the Sultan who founded it in 1411, the city is associated with Mahatma Gandhi, Father of the Nation, whose simple ashram on the banks of river Sabarmati is now a site of national pilgrimage. Ahmedabad is a great textile and commercial center and known as the “Manchester of India”. The city is today the second largest flourishing city in Western India and is a place where tradition and modern join together in perfect harmony. We shall cover some of the wonderful places to explore in this area of India.

Gandhi_AshramOn a quiet stretch of the Sabarmati River lies the Gandhi Ashram, built in 1920. During the lifetime of Mahatma Gandhi, it was known as Satyagraha Ashram and was the center of the struggle for Independence. It was from here, in 1930, that the Mahatma started on his famous “Dandi March” to the sea to protest against the Salt Tax imposed by the British. ‘Hridaya Kunj’, the simple cottage where he lived, is preserved as a National Monument. A Gandhi Memorial Center, a Library and a Sound-and-Light show offer in depth insight into the Mahatma’s life and work.

Hussain-Doshi's_GufaHussain-Doshi’s Gufa is a gallery housing the collaborative efforts of artist M. F. Hussain and the architect B. V. Doshi. Here, art and architecture fuse to become a unique experience, both complementing each other magnificently. Located in the campus of the Center for Environment Planning and Technology, the Gufa is a configuration of cave-like structures buried under the ground. This marvel of contemporary architecture was constructed using computer aided design and tribal initiative.
These are just two of the must-see areas of Ahmedabad. We will explore further areas at a later time.

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