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Waterfalls of Karnataka

Waterfalls-of-KarnatakaThe gurgling waterfalls against the backdrop of brilliant sunset offer an enchanting view. Small and big waterfalls that splash and ripple down the glorious heights of the tall mountains, mark the landscape of Karnataka. Let’s explore some of this area’s most beautiful ones.

abbey-falls-coorgA big attraction for tourists and filmdom alike the Abbey Falls look magnificent with waters cascading down from scintillating heights. Even during the summers, there is plenty of water in these falls. The roar of the falls can be heard from the main road, from where a path goes through lovely coffee and cardamom plantations right up to them. The chirping of innumerable birds, which are easier to hear than to see, fills the air with sweet music. Do remember to take your binoculars and camera when you go there.

gokak_fallsThe Gokak Falls are created by Ghataprabha River that takes a 170-ft leap here over a sandstone cliff. The cliff is in a picturesque gorge of the Gokak valley and is in the shape of a horseshoe. The rugged valley and the picturesque gorge inspire poetry. The dull roar of the falls can be heard from a distance. The general features such as the height; rapidity and the shape of the falls are very similar to that of the Niagara Falls except width and color of the falls.

Kalhatti FallsLocated 10 kms from Kemmanagundi, at Kalhatti Falls, also known as Kalahasti falls, the water cascades down from a height of 122 meters. All around are fascinating scenic delights. There is also a local temple here constructed in a gap between rocks. A ‘jatra’ is held here for three days every year and attracts pilgrims from far and near.

57443073Jog is famous for its magnificent waterfalls. The Sharavati river flowing over a rocky bed takes a spectacular leap from a height of 292 meters and divides into 4 smaller ones known as the Raja, Rani Rocket and Roarer presenting a glorious view

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