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When the Sun Goes Down over Montego Bay, Jamaica!


Sunset-fishing-Jamaica-NegrilYou’ve had a great day in the sun. You’ve taken part in watersports, strolled around the market, considered taking a boat trip the next day, and it’s time for bed – or is it? Just because the sun has set over Montego Bay doesn’t mean it’s time to retire for the night! Many places in Jamaica are open until the early hours of the morning, so muster your energy and try one of the following for a taste of Jamaican nightlife, Montego Bay style!

pier-1-peir-201_54_990x660_201405311935The number-one nightspot in Montego Bay is a two-in-one restaurant, Marguerite’s Seafood by the Sea and Margueritaville Sports Bar & Grill, Gloucester Avenue, situated just across from the Coral Cliff Hotel. It specializes in moderately priced seafood and margaritas served on a breezy terrace overlooking the sea. The sports bar and grill features a 33m (110-ft.) Hydroslide, live music, satellite TV, a sun deck, a CD jukebox, and a straightforward menu of seafood, sandwiches, pasta, pizza, salads, and snacks. The open-air room contains four bars, several big-screen televisions and a dance floor overlooking the water. Food is very Americanized and includes pizza, hamburgers and sandwiches. If you haven’t had enough water for the day, enjoy the waterslide and hot tub out back. Theme nights include a Red Stripe fest as well as Karaoke and bikini contests.

Hurricane’s Disco situated hHigh in the confines of the Breezes Montego Bay Resort. For something other than reggae music, listen to upbeat dance music within this tiny, but fun club. A crowded bar entices you with frozen daiquiris, ice cold Red Stripe and premium liquors. Admission is a little higher than other places, but drinks are included in the price!

Royal Stocks- English Pub and Steakhouse: A little piece of England in upscale Half Moon Mall, this authentic pub and eatery is ideal for small functions such as weddings of 100 or less. Owner Steve calls the building style, “European castle/fairytale.” Also come in for the truly great food. House specialties include steaks, seafood, Caesar salads, and of course fish-and-chips. The restaurant is wedged between two five-star properties, The Ritz Carlton and Half Moon Hotel.
If a nightclub is more your scene, try Pier 1 on a Friday night. The Brewery and Aquasol Theme Park also have DJs of note from time to time so check out what’s happening locally once you arrive in Montego Bay.

Although nightlife in Montego Bay is at a slower pace than in other Jamaican cities, such as Negril, there’s still plenty to keep you busy until you’re ready to call it a day!

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